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It is a remarkable three days of theatrical journey through three short plays, three different stories and genres. The festival has a full range of emotion, featuring as romantic, drama and humor in three diverse languages with three actors on stage. All of it in one show each day which takes place every year as a welcoming of spring in the city of Mississauga, Canada. The festival is giving opportunities for new directors, actors, and script writers to come with their ideas, and open their mind to work in professional theatre following a casting process to perform to our live audiences.

Our audience is thirsty to engage in plays that showcase situations of clarity the human mind, and we want to connect emotionally with them, and leave a transformative experience that will enrich their lives. The Triple Threat Theatre Festival  provide opportunities to diverse local performing artists and professionals behind the stage.


  • To provide a showcase of opportunities to actors, play writers, directors, set designers, makeup artists, costume designers, technicians, who have immigrated to Canada, and for the new generation of young performance artists who are beginning to develop their careers in theatre art.
  • Break barriers by exchanging languages and cultures.
  • Create bonds of friendship and cooperation between the diverse cultural communities that live in Mississauga, Ontario and across Canada.
  • Challenge artists, giving them their best acting performance, while also able to see themselves from the perspective of another actor performance, language, and culture.
  • Provide  opportunities to artists, professionals, and people with experience in theatre production.
  • Turn the city of Mississauga into one of the greater national epicenters of the Performing Arts in Canada.

Now we are planning The Triple Threat Theater Festival for next year. If you are interested in being part of as a theatre group, performing artist, director, playwriter or being donator/sponsor, please contact us.

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