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Mississauga Players Theatre is a non-profit and charity organization dedicated to putting theatre into everyone’s life.

We hold open auditions for actors (aged 12-50s) are welcome to audition, and directors for our upcoming productions of The Triple Threat Theatre Bilingual Festival 2024

All members of the MPT production team are volunteers.

Being a non- profit charity theatre organization, Mississauga Players Theatre offers minimal compensation for playwrights, directors and actors.

Casting decisions take into account the increasing diversity of our community and the need to reflect that diversity in the casts of our productions. Everyone is welcome!

Calling for performing artists to be part of OUR PRODUCTIONS

These General Auditions will be hosted by video. Please submit the following information at:

1. A brief Artist, 30 second max video, that introduces you as an artist. We encourage you to express yourself in whatever way you are most comfortable with.
2. Three minutes contemporary monologue (own choice).
3. Head shot.
4. Resume.

We will contact you if you have been selected.


MPT invites playwriters to apply to participate in OUR PRODUCTIONS

Submissions must be sent to: and include the following:

1. A cover letter with clear contact information (name, cell phone and email) 
2. A brief biography and writing/theatre resume, including any website and/or social media tags.
3. A script must be forty-five minutes length, three characters and a brief description of the work.

 Stories should reflect thoughtful themes that promote and raise awareness of the importance of people’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Genres such as Comedy, psychodrama, romance, tragedy are applied.

We will contact you if you have been selected.


Do you want to be on the volunteer production team? Apply here!

 We are seeking to fill the roles of: 

  • Directors
  • Choreographer/ Associate choreographer
  • Producer
  • Stage manager
  • Assistant stage manager(s)
  • Lighting designer
  • Sound designer
  • Set designer/ Decorator
  • Hair and makeup designer
  • Props designer
  • Costume designer
  • Running crew
  • Sound operator(s)
  • Lighting operator(s)

We will contact you if you have been selected.